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Welcome to the most extreme site on the internet. I have been working on Rape Fantasy & Extreme Bondage for a long time and my efforts have finally paid off. The site is up and ready for you. I built this site with no banners, pop-up consoles or expensive membership dues. Simply put, this site was built to share my favorite fetishes with the world.

As I'm sure you know, many women enjoy rough sex. They like the idea of giving control over to the man of her dreams. This is where the idea of rape fantasy comes into play. The couple, or group, in question sets up a role playing session in which the woman pretends to be raped by her lover(s). Many times, this includes some very creative and extreme bondage scenarios. Ocassionally, these folks are also exhibitionists and we get to take photos and videos of the action. These are then shared with our wonderful internet friends.

Remember, the photos and videos contained on this site depict only consensual relations between partners. If you are looking for real rape scenes, then you are in the wrong place. Please look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you enjoy simulated fantasies of rape and extreme bondage please click below to enter the galleries.